Katalin Malatinszky

Intuitive Design Consultant & Certified Feng Shui Specialist

Katalin Malatinszky
My Doggies, Luka and Josephina 🙂

Welcome to My Story

Creativity, Fashion & Interior Design have been my passion ever since I was young. I have been very fortunate to receive my early childhood junior education in an Experimental Style Teaching System back in my hometown and country of Budapest, Hungary. This unique teaching system incorporated and focused on the connections between Mathematics, Art, Classical Music & Dance, which I still use today. Later, I attended a Guild Style Trade School System, where I studied designing and handcrafting high-quality custom leather garments. I truly believe and know that my European flair for education provided me with the base and influenced my interest in further studying design and later fascination with our mystical world.

I did not speak English when I came to Canada thirty-three years ago, in 1988. However, my trade back at home was rare here in Canada, allowing me to overcome the language barrier. My jobs entailed custom sewing in the fashion district downtown Toronto, later custom hand-stitching at an Italian Bridal Salon down on Bloor Street for the first couple of years of my life in Canada. 

I graduated from The Interior Decorating program at Seneca College in North York in 2003. I specialized in custom-made soft window coverings. During In-home consultations, I coordinated and hand-selected specific fabrics for the window treatments and upholstery while I helped my clients select goods. I designed and hand-sewed draperies, curtains, roman shades, and beddings for a few years, raising my girls.

I adored my job but never felt it intellectually gave me enough stimulation or satisfaction. Self-taught education has been a part of my life—ancient culture,s and wisdom have fascinated me for a long time. I have a deep interest and have explored this mystic knowledge of Feng Shui, Color Theory and Human Psychology, Astrology, and Numerology for nearly two decades. I have been fascinated by the beauty of the natural world throughout my life, drawn to and feeling comforted by the elements mother nature has created. 

I completed a few courses in the well-recognized Ultimate Academy with personal development and constant learning. I became a Certified Feng Shui Specialist in 2018, then met a program and got Certified in Professional Organizing in 2019.

Like many of you, I also experienced life-altering challenges and went through tough times, which led me to significant transformations in my personal and professional life during the last several years. My journey, search for answers to life, took me to explore various philosophies, beliefs, and ancient wisdom, allowing me to realize a deeper connection between design principles and the laws of the natural world.

I believe this mystical intelligence surrounds us everywhere. I think there is a direct connection between this ancient wisdom and design principles, intriguing me to pursue a deeper level of understanding and incorporate it into interior decor and design.

Your home or office space is an extension of you and your aura (your energetic field), which directly echoes how you feel. The most intimate physical space reflects your charm and unique taste. As you are transforming and evolving through a natural progression of life, craving for change in design or decorating your home, it is essential that the newly transformed space also provides you mental and emotional support as you grow.

My vision and philosophy blend design principles, Feng Shui, and Your Zodiac blueprint at birth to help capitalize on your natural world’s gifts and enhance your physical world, surroundings, and emotional well-being.

I am thrilled and excited to share and give back what I have learned through my transformation journey. I feel it is my calling to provide this exclusive service to those searching for a more holistic and integrated approach to design.

A personal message is close to my heart!

Many homeless, abandoned animals desperately need to find a forever loving family and home. However, there is a vast misconception that rescued dogs have many psychological or physical health issues; it may be true in some cases, but not all.

We have rescued eight doggies combined within our family and friends. All the doggies have perfect mental and physical health. Rescuing our furry babies was the best decision we have ever made. Saving the lives of innocent animals is gratifying. We are getting rewarded, showing unconditional love every day.

Please consider adopting an animal from a shelter or any other rescue organization if you contemplate getting a pet. 

Please be responsible for gifting a pet. It comes with a lifelong responsibility. Please consult the future owner before considering giving an animal.

Much love, Katalin

Kind wishes,

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