Katalin Malatinszky

Intuitive Design Consultant

Katalin Malatinszky
Katalin Malatinszky

Whether it is your home, office or a closet space, get aspired by transforming a tired and neglected area into a clutter-free revitalized, highly functional and flourishing environment. Remove unwanted item, bringing in fresh energy is necessary for shaping harmony and balance in both your private and professional life.

Most of us are dreaming of living in an environment that is inviting, and harmonious. We are all in search of a deeper connection to our own surroundings, which has major impact on our physical, mental and emotional well being.

Through our natural progressions and expansions of life, it is essential that we help our immediate environment & surroundings evolve accordingly, and support us on our journey at the same time.

I believe that our personal surrounding is an extension of our own energetic field, which directly echos how we feel at the present time.  Our home is the most intimate physical space that should truly resonate and reflect our own individual charm and unique taste. It is a gift and privilege to be able to reflect our true eccentricity. Exhibiting some deeply cherished sentimental pieces, we have collected over the years, serving as a visual reminder of our deepest desires, that may only be for us to grasp. As we are evolving and transforming through our lives, our space should also go through a similar transformation that will support us as we grow.
As many of you may relate, I also experienced major life-altering challenges, went through sizable transformations both in my personal as well as in my professional life during the past several years. My own personal journey, search for answers of life, called me to explore various philosophies, spiritual beliefs, ancient wisdom, that allowed me to recognize a deeper connection between design and principals of the natural world we live in. 
Fashion and design have been my passion ever since I was young. Throughout my life, I’ve been fascinated by the beauty of the natural world. Like many of you, I have been drawn to and feel comforted by distinct elements that Mother Nature has created. These elements, whether it is distinct visual look/characteristics, a special scent, or a specific shade of colours, they make us feel comforted and content.
For example, various patterns inspired by the animal world have been my favorite prints ever since I can remember. I am not afraid of using this distinct style in my own intimate space or to wear it as a signature ingredient of my own personal style. I believe showcasing your own unique individual taste should be extended and reflected in your own personal space as well. 
Ancient cultures and wisdom have fascinated me for a long time. I have a deep interest and have explored the metaphysical wisdom including Astrology, Numerology, Feng Shui, Sacred Geometry, Colour Theory and Human Psychology to name a few, for over a decade. I am convinced there is a direct profound connection between all philosophies and design principles. These blueprints are influences us in the ever changing way we live our lives.
Animal welfare and environmental challenges are also a significant part my life. I believe that we all have to do our part to make conscious choices, to respect animals, save the environment and our planet.
I am extremely excited to share and give back what I have learned through my own transformation and evolution. After years of gathering awareness, ongoing learning, I am now confident to incorporate this knowledge into my work, pass it on to my clients.
Through the venue of this newly transformed service, I feel it is my calling and I am thrilled to provide this exclusive service to those, who are searching for a more holistic and integrated approach to design.

Personal message close to my heart!

Many abandoned animals are in desperate need to find a forever loving family and home. My girls and I rescued 4 dogs from 4 different venues. We have been very fortunate that all four of our babies have been in perfect mental and physical health, other than they have been abandoned.

There is a tremendous misconception, that rescued dogs are coming with many psychological or physical health issues.

Best decisions we have ever made is rescuing these 4 dogs, so gratifying. We are getting rewarded with unconditional love every single day.

If you are contemplating on having a pet, please consider adopting an animal from a shelter or any other rescue organization. There so many great ones. Please be responsible and consult the future owner before, if you are considering gifting an animal.

Kind wishes,

Signature by Katalin Malatinszky